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Do you need a translation from Czech to German and English? Do you have to write your CV in a foreign language and don’t know how? Would you like to start learning Czech, English or German or just to improve your knowledge?
Choose from the service I’m offering.
I translate mainly from German to Czech and the other way round, however, a translation from/to English is no problem as well. I also translate from Swedish and Slovak.



When translating, it is important to guarantee a faultless communication. The content of the original text and author´s intention should be taken over. To speak a foreign language is not sufficient for translating. You have to know the culture, history and present situation of the foreign country to be able to localise the text. Localisation means to adapt the text according to specific language, cultural and technical requirements of the country, where the language is spoken. Thanks to a longstanding study of languages, frequent stays abraod and my studies at the University in Hamburg, I acquired excellent  language knowledge and a very good intercultural competence. I like all four foreign languages I speak (German, English, Swedish and Portuguese). Every one is different and speacial and enables a different kind of expressing or else requires a different kind of thinking.
This concerns the teaching as well. When I teach, I try to arouse interest about the country, I use authentic materials and lay stress on making oneself understood